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My Ham Shack

Here you can find a list of radios and other devices that I use in my Ham Shack. I am currently remodelling the whole room so I have no recent photos to show at the moment. Moreover I am planning to use a raspberry as my main ham radio PC. A list of installed programmes is shown below.



Model Usage
Kenwood TS-690S HF 160m to 6m
Alinco DR-110 2m --> SSTV (dead)
Yaesu FT-225RD 2m (SSB)
TEAM EURO 3004F CB-Radio Base Station
Surecom KT-8900D 2m / 70cm

Software on @<<linethrough>Raspberry> Ham Shack PC

Unfortunately, important software like QSSTV does not work well on the Raspberry Pi (3 and 4). Due to this I am using a PC with Ubuntu 20.05 at the moment (works great).

Name Usage
QSSTV digital and analog SSTV (similar to EasyPAL)

Software on Windows Laptop (not all)

For mobile use.

Name Usage
EasyPal digital SSTV
Paxon Packet Radio terminal
Dire Wolf Packet Radio soundcard modem
SDR Console Oscar 100 receiving (beacon tracking)
last edited 17th Feb 21