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Electronics & RF

by @OE3TEC · 24th Dec 20
Recently I bought a cheap Surecom radio for 2m and 70cm. Unfortunately, this radio has no proper S-Meter, only a number that indicates the signal strength. In this article I tried to create a translation table to S-Levels. A Rohde & Schwarz SME03 was use
by @OE3TEC · 30th Nov 20
Warning: Since this article got so many views, I have to inform you that modifying your radio to transmit with higher power or out of the CB-band is illegal if you are not a ham. In addition: Warranty void Info: This article is regularly updated with new
by @OE3TEC · 26th Oct 20
Analog SSTV is still very popular on many ham bands and on CB. One way is to use mobile apps for receiving and transmitting pictures but this “acoustic coupling” between the radio and the encoder / decoder can reduce the image quality. Therefore, using an
by @OE3TEC · 22nd Oct 20
When googling “packet radio soundcardmodem” you normally find solutions, which use Paxon with FlexNet. Unfortunately, FlexNet is very old and difficult to run on Windows 10. Due to this situation I searched for alternatives and found Dire Wolf. This sound

Software Dev

by @PreyMa · 29th Jan 21
Have you ever looked at Google's “Did you mean” field and wondered about the magical sorcery their servers use to interpret some kind of sensible meaning from your auto correct gibberish? Well, at least I have, but sorry to disappoint you I have got not a
by @PreyMa · 29th Nov 20
You read the title correctly in this article I write about, how I implemented a naive dynamic memory allocator and some other facilities of the C standard library in Scratch of all languages. And no I didn’t use any JavaScript scripting to add custom func
by @PreyMa · 21st Nov 20
Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m entering cursed lands. But still, I wanted to share this experience with the world, that is the result of a grumpy rant on garbage collected languages. The Scratch programming language is designed for beginners of young age
by @PreyMa · 8th Nov 20
Yesterday's test at my university covered codes as one of its topics. As an example, EAN13 codes or barcodes as they are commonly known respectively were brought up. While preparing for the test we practiced verifying them and calculating missing digits.


by @OE3TEC · 14 days ago
Here you can find a list of radios and other devices that I use in my Ham Shack. I am currently remodelling the whole room so I have no recent photos to show at the moment. Moreover I am planning to use a raspberry as my main ham radio PC. A list of insta
by @OE3TEC · 21 days ago
Near my home-QTH is one of the tallest hills in the area, the so called "Haberg" which is 414 meters high. On its top sits a transmitting tower that every local knows but its purpose is widely unknown. Moreover, googling also reveals not much ab
by @OE3TEC · 23rd Jan 21
A collection of QSL cards I received since I got more active on HF at the beginning of 2021. Via E-Mail
by @OE3TEC · 15th Jan 21
changpuak.ch: Antenna and filter calculators classeradio.com: Class E AM Transmitter Descriptions, Circuits, Etc. VK1SV: Class-E for beginners dmitrynizh.com: Create Spice Models for tubes b-kainka.de: Electronic projects funknetzplanung.com: RF-Cal