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Electronics & RF

by @OE3TEC · 6 days ago
On this beautiful sunny day Alex informed me that the start of a new M20 sonde is planned and the landing site should be near my QTH. So, I immediately got ready by loding all my direction-finding equipment in addition to my radiosonde tools into my car b
by @OE3TEC · 6 days ago
When googling “packet radio soundcardmodem” you normally find solutions, which use Paxon with FlexNet. Unfortunately, FlexNet is very old and difficult to run on Windows 10. Due to this situation I searched for alternatives and found Dire Wolf. This sound
by @OE3TEC · 5th Aug 20
Today I recovered a RS41 radiosonde from Vienna in Aspersdorf near Hollabrunn which was still transmitting. Luckily, most of the wheat fields are already mowed at this time of the year, so I immediately saw the sonde when reaching the landing site. Furthe
by @OE3TEC · 21st Jul 20
Today I recovered a radiosonde from Vienna. It landed northwest of the village Ruppersthal near Großweikersdorf. The path to the landing site was partly unpaved and very muddy. Luckily, it didn’t rain last night so I could directly drive to the radiosonde

Software Dev

by @PreyMa · 6 days ago
In the latest episode of our endeavor to create a Brainfuck meta-compiler we got a first working version and learned about some interesting behaviors of the v8 JIT optimizer. When leaving off, I mentioned that there are still many opportunities left to im
by @PreyMa · 14th Aug 20
After improving the execution speed by about four times in the last article of this series, we will try out a bit of a different approach. It is called “threading” and allows running the compiled code without the need for any branching inside the main loo
by @PreyMa · 11th Aug 20
As threaded code didn’t perform very well in combination with JS, we will explore another way of executing Brainfuck. Instead of running the Brainfuck code or converted version of it, this time the goal is to completely translate it into a different progr
by @PreyMa · 10th Aug 20
Last time we took a look at the way Brainfuck works and how to execute it. We built the most basic implementation of an interpreter possible. It was so simple that it didn’t even know where the current loop began or ended. Although not being a great way t


by @OE3TEC · a day ago
Analog SSTV is still very popular on many ham bands and on CB. One way is to use mobile apps for receiving and transmitting pictures but this “acoustic coupling” between the radio and the encoder / decoder can reduce the image quality. Therefore, using an
by @OE3TEC · 2 days ago
changpuak.ch: Antenna and filter calculators classeradio.com: Class E AM Transmitter Descriptions, Circuits, Etc. VK1SV: Class-E for beginners dmitrynizh.com: Create Spice Models for tubes b-kainka.de: Electronic projects funknetzplanung.com: RF-Cal
by @OE3TEC · 6 days ago
Saturday was a perfect day for going on air on CB from my local breaker hill called Sauberg (JN88AM). It was a calm, sunny and warm fall day, so I put up my big 9m antenna (Gain Master replica) which allowed me to hear every station that joined our group.
by @OE3TEC · 23rd Jul 20
Sebastian, Matthias and I decided to stop at the shortwave station in Moosbrunn, Lower Austria while driving to Graz. In recent years, this station became well known for transmitting Radio DARC with a power of 100kW on Sundays. We only took some photos of