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Part 2 of 4

Radiosonde of June 26, 2020: ME9B221F1

Yesterday I recovered a radiosonde from Vienna. It landed north of the village Grunterdorf in a blooming potato field next to a busy road (by the locals called “Tschechenautobahn”). The sonde was still transmitting but I had no decoding equipment with me, so I had to use my special antenna tactic. This means I mounted a “weak antenna” on my radio and searched for a position next to the field where the signal of the sonde reached its maximum strength. In case of a M10 sonde this is easily identified by hearing the weak carrier between the data packages (TX-Power is reduced to about 30% between the data packages). After that I removed the antenna completely from my radio and walked into the field keeping in mind that I can only hear the radiosonde now when it is about three meters away. In about five minutes I finally saw the parachute and fully recovered the sonde. It was striking that the rope between the parachute and the radiosonde was damaged (the yarn was whirled up). Moreover, the temperature sensor was destroyed. In addition, a “Brav gelernt” (translates to “learned well”) stamp impression was found on the bottom of the sonde. It is said that a trainee gets this stamp if he / she correctly prepares the radiosonde alone.

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