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Part 1 of 4

Radiosonde of June 25, 2020: S1140218

Today I recovered a radiosonde from Vienna. It landed northwest of the village Ruppersthal near Großweikersdorf. The path to the landing site was partly unpaved and very muddy. Luckily, it didn’t rain last night so I could directly drive to the radiosonde. Direction finding or decoding the fallen sonde was not necessary because the parachute was visible from a great distance (as seen in the photos). Strictly speaking it wouldn’t be possible since the radiosonde already stopped transmitting (laid there since ~ 5 hours). The balloon leftovers weren’t mangled in the line between the parachute and the radiosonde therefore the whole cord could be saved. Unfortunately, the temperature sensor was damaged which is not a big problem for me since I normally replace the original sensors with a new I2C temperature and humidity sensor when I reprogram the sonde (the calibration values for the original sensors are lost anyway when reprogramming).

Edit: Someone wrote me a mail in which he asked me if I could describe how to connect a new temperature sensor to the RS41. I now created a new article for this topic here .

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