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Part 2 of 2

Weinviertel-Runde – afternoon on CB, 31st October 2020

On Halloween we hold our second activity day for this month. We planned to do some SSTV and Packet radio in addition to talking but unfortunately the car of OM Nebi broke. Therefore, only two stations (AT3TEC, AT3BO1) were available on PR plus Nebi rode along with OM Boogie. Surprisingly many strong stations took part this time (the weakest one had 36 ). For talking I used the Danita Mark 5 in combination with a prototype compressor microphone. Unhappily, I set the noise gate resistor to low and my audio was distorted most of the time (My fault: I measured the system without the final electret capsule). But this was only a prototype, so I fixed the problem on the next day. My antenna was a 9 Meters long vertical dipole. Before starting with Packet Radio, we meet Matthias (AT3MUK) on 13FM wo also joined us on 24FM later. This means we finally had 3 stations on packet radio and could also connect to the node KS1NOD in Krems-Egelsee (owned by Matthias). Later Matthias decided to see us in person, so we all meet at the Notburga chapel in Puch where he showed us his great hardware packet radio modems (none of this soundcard modem rubbish 🙂).


Everything happened on 13FM.

Call RX-RS TX-RS QTH Distance Notes
Nebi 59+ 59+ Kalte Stube 3km Also on PMR
Alpha 56 55 JN78WG 31km Sepp
Matthias 57 -- Absdorf 15km
Jonathan 59 75 JN88CJ84 18km
Alex8 59 59+ JN78VN 22km
Lindberg 59 56 JN78XN 10km
Grauer schlauer Fuchs 36 --
Albatros 57 -- Stockerau ~20km
35CT49 57 -- JN78UL 29km Eddi
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