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Part 1 of 2

Weinviertel-Runde – afternoon on CB, 10th October 2020

Saturday was a perfect day for going on air on CB from my local breaker hill called Sauberg (JN88AM). It was a calm, sunny and warm fall day, so I put up my big 9m antenna (Gain Master replica) which allowed me to hear every station that joined our group. In my setup I used a Midland Alan 78+ with an external S-Meter and a new microphone (Midland C714, sounds way better than the original mic). Furthermore, a Kenwood SP-23 speaker was used for best sound quality. The greatest distance was 90km to OM Apach near Kněžice who gave me S1 and R2. In addition, we managed to talk on PMR in a group of fife people. Unfortunately, I was the only station that had direct contact to all PMR stations. This again showed us the potential of the Sauberg as a place for a repeater. My greatest distance on PMR were 23km to OM DeltaNovember in Haugsdorf (Hutberg). After about two and a half hours our activity day was suddenly ended by an approaching thunderstorm which knocked over my antenna. Luckily, nothing broke and I also managed to say goodbye before the antenna hit the ground.

For everyone who doesn’t know us:
We (Nebi, Boogie, TangoEcho, Niva, Albatros and Jonathan) regularly hold an CB activity day on Saturday which is called “Weinviertel-Runde”. Normally we talk on channel 13 FM. Sometimes we also do Packet Radio or SSTV. You can find all appointments on CB-Funk Austria . Everyone is welcome!


Everything happened on 13FM.

Call RX-RS TX-RS QTH Distance Notes
Nebi 56 57 Hutberg 23km Also on PMR
Tarzan 56 ?? Grund 12km Also on PMR
HotelLima 32 32 1140 Wien 36km
Jonathan 55 56 JN88CJ84 21km Also on PMR. Also works with 20cm antenna.
Reingold 5/5.5 58 Dreimarkstein 33km
Boogie 55 55 JN88FL 30km
Albatros 5/4.8 46 Stockerau ~20km Also on PMR
Apach 21 20 JN79UG 90km Kněžice
Dule 4/2.5 43 Cobenzel 33km Handheld radio: R1 S0.2

The next Weinviertel-Runde is planned for 31th October 2020, 12:00pm to 16:00pm.


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